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UC Master Gardeners of Santa Barbara County

We're here to help with your home gardening questions!

Did You Know?

Asian Citrus Psyllids spread the destructive HLB bacterium. To reduce transmission of this harmful pathogen, remove stems, leaves, and debris from backyard citrus before sharing it.

Instead of getting citrus grafting material from backyard growers, obtain verified HLB-free citrus budwood from the Citrus Clonal Protection Program at UC Riverside (https://ccpp.ucr.edu/).

Important Pests in Santa Barbara County

Threat to Citrus TreesAsian Citrus Psyllid, or ACP (Diaphorina citri) can transmit a deadly citrus disease named Huanglongbing or HLB ("citrus greening disease"). HLB is in SoCal but not yet in Santa Barbara County. 

Small Beetle, Big ProblemInvasive Shothole Borers (ISHB) are small beetles that carry a deadly disease called Fusarium Dieback (FD). ISHB-FD infects hundreds of tree species and has killed thousands of trees in Southern California. Click here for a short video from our Agricultural Commissioner's Office about ISHB in Santa Barbara County.

The BFF you don't want The Black Fig Fly, or BFF (Silba adipata), lays eggs in unripe figs and ruins fruit production. It was first detected in California & Santa Barbara County in June 2021. In an effort to limit this pest's expansion, please don't move locally harvested figs. Report observations of this pest to the CDFA at  https://www.cdfa.ca.gov/plant/reportapest/.

Invasive Mosquitoes: In Fall 2020, invasive mosquito species in the Aedes genus were trapped in Santa Barbara County. They bite during the day, breed in standing water, and are vectors for diseases like dengue fever, West Nile virus, and yellow fever. Eliminate standing water around your property to reduce their breeding habitat and protect our communities.

Who We Are

We were featured in the S.B. Independent's "(Stay at) Home & Garden Special Issue"! https://www.independent.com/2020/05/13/advice-to-grow-by/ 

Serving Santa Barbara County since 1980, we are highly-trained volunteers who provide research-based information, workshops, and educational programs for home gardeners.

Watch Us Work

January seed swap_1

Master Gardeners doled out free gardening advice and seeds at the 12th Annual Santa Barbara Community Seed Swap at the Santa Barbara Central Library.



Master Gardeners Make a Difference!

In 2017-18, Santa Barbara County Master Gardeners contributed 4,618 volunteer hours and earned 822 continuing education hours as part of their annual commitment to the program. 

Nearly 4,000 Santa Barbara County residents were contacted by Master Gardeners who presented free public workshops at the downtown Central Library, hosted regular information tables at Santa Barbara Farmer's Market and for special regional events such as Earth Day and the California Avocado Festival. 

Volunteers also responded to telephone and email inquiries from residential gardeners through the Master Gardener Helpline, and interacted with visitors to our project sites around the county: La Huerta Historic Garden at Old Mission Santa Barbara, the Butterfly Garden at Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden, Mesa Harmony Garden, and our newest project at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. 

The value of our volunteer service to the community during this period was $134,337.62.

The UC Master Gardener Program is sponsored by the University of California Cooperative Extension, a division of UC Agriculture and Natural Resources.