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Home Gardening Helpline

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We work with home gardeners to identify pests, problem causes, and best practices for gardening projects. We emphasize Integrated Pest Management, or IPM (ipm.ucanr.edu/What-is-IPM).

  • Email us at anrmgsb@ucanr.edu with photos of your question topic.
  • Or, call us at 805-893-3485. Please clearly state your phone number and email address so that we may respond to you in a timely manner.
In your request, please include:
  • Your name, phone number and city. Gardening advice depends on local conditions.
  • Details about your gardening issue. Include the name of the plant if known, when the problem began, and cultivation history such as watering, fertilizing schedule, pruning, pesticide applications, etc. Location information is also helpful (for example: sun exposure, location on your property, and soil drainage).
  • Photographs of the problem. Pictures are worth a thousand words!