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Livestock & Range


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The Livestock & Range program provides locally based extension, education, and applied research focused primarily on the interactions of livestock production systems with rangeland ecology. More specifically, the program addresses issues related to the management of rangeland ecosystems, including wildlife habitat, invasive plants, wildland fire, prescribed fire, soil health, and watershed health. It aims to serve the needs of agricultural producers and land managers, to increase production efficiency, and to promote ecologically and economically viable agricultural operations.


Through this work, the Livestock & Range program addresses the following UC Agriculture and Natural Resources Public Value Statements:

  • Promoting economic prosperity in California
  • Safeguarding abundant and healthy food for all Californians
  • Protecting California’s natural resources
  • Building climate-resilient communities and ecosystems

Matthew Shapero leads the Livestock & Range program as the Area Advisor serving Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. Prior to starting as an advisor, Matthew worked for the Rangeland Planning & Policy and the Rangeland Ecology labs at the University of California, Berkeley, and worked as a graduate student researcher at the UC Agriculture and Natural Resources Sierra Foothills Research and Extension Center. Matthew also has experience in small-scale, grass-fed meat production, working as rancher in the Sierra Nevada foothills between 2010 and 2016.



To schedule a meeting or ranch visit, please call Matthew at (805) 645-1475, or email him at mwkshapero@ucanr.edu.