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Small Fruit/Berry Crops Presentations

July 23, 2015-XI ISHS Rubus and Ribes Symposium, Asheville, North Carolina

Daugovish and Gaskell, Management of Primocane Fruiting Blackberries for Extended Harvest in a Mild Winter Climate

Gaskell and Murrietta, Redberry Mite Population Differences in Two Rubus spp on California Central Coast

Gaskell, Evaluation of Emerging Interplant PrimocaneThinning Alternatives in an Established 5-year-old Prime-Ark® 45 Blackberry Planting

February 3, 2015-Annual Central Coast Caneberry Meeting, Pismo Beach

Bolda-Mineral Nutrition of Raspberries

Gaskell-Small Fruit Berry Crops- Production and Overview

Thompson-Best Practices for Cane Management and Color Reversion Prevention in Prime-Ark®45

Ahumada-Where does Raspberry Yield Potential Go

Walters- Newer Approaches to Soil Fumigation and Alternatives for Caneberries

Oleg- PrimeArk 45

Murrietta-Are Primocane Fruiting Blackberries More Resistant to Redberry Mites than Floricane Types.pptx

Gaskell-Pruning and Thinning Prime Ark-45 Blackberry for Extended Season Production in Coastal California

October 31, 2014- Crops Science Graduate Seminar-Small Fruit Berry Crop Production in Mild Winter climates, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Gaskell- Producing Small Berry Crops in Mild Winter Climates

October 9 &10, 2014- "4th International Plant Nutrition Symposium Guadalajara, Mexico

Gaskell- Manejo de la fertilización de las bayas — frambuesas, arándanos y moras — en climas con invierno suave

Gaskell- Factores que guían las prácticas de fertilización para la producción de fresa convencional y orgánica en California

July 2014- Environmental Horticulture Class-Hancock College, Santa Maria CA

Small Fruit Berry Crops-Production and Marketing Overview and Environmental Horticulture Implications

May 8, 2014- Proceedings of 21st Annual MACEDE Fulbright Symposium, Rabat, Morocco

Small Fruit Crop Research and Training Program

April 11, 2014- Caneberry Production Meeting, Ventura CA

(See file listed below under January 28, 2014- Central Coast Caneberry Meeting)

March 18, 2014- Small Fruit Porduction workshop, Moroccan National Agronomic Research Institute, Tangier, Morocco

Gaskell-Vue d'ensemble de la production et du marche des myrtilles

January 28, 2014- "Annual Central Coast Caneberry Meeting" organized by Mark Gaskell, Small Farms & Specialty Crops Advisor, presented at the UCCE Auditorium, San Luis Obispo

Ahumada- Connecting the Dots: Raspberry Production Challenges

Bolda- Pest Management Discussion Caneberries

Bolda & Tourte- Cost and Returns of Central Coast Fresh Market Blackberries

Campbell-SLO Pesticide Use Enforcement Program Update

Cantwell- Postharvest Quality Conditions for Blackberries

Daugovish-Primeark 45 in Ventura County

Gaskell- Blackberry Market Overview

Gaskell- Responses of Primocane Blackberries to Different Mow-down and Tipping Regimes


Walters- Bed Fumigation...New EPA Rules

January 22, 2014- CORE Project Annual Meeting, Pacific Grove, CA

Fertigation Management in Organic Strawberry Production

2013 Annual American Society for Horticultural Science Meeting, Palm Desert, CA

June 27, 2013- Strawberry Production Manual Field Day, Jesus Hernandez-Rancho Alegre Berry Farms, Santa Maria CA ( Workshop in Spanish)

Manejo de la Fresa

January 11, 2013-"Annual Central Coast Caneberry Meeting" Watsonville, CA

Tourte & Bolda-Evaluating Costs and Returns of Central Coast Raspberries

Bolda- Phytopthora in California Raspberries

Gaskell- Responses of Primocane Blackberries to VArying Mow-down and tipping Regimes

Cahn- Development of a Web-based Irrigation and Nitrogen Management Tool for Caneberries

March 18 & 19, 2013- American-Moroccan Agricultural Sciences Conference, Rabat, Morocco

Small Fruit Crop Research and Training Program

December 4, 2012- Strawberry Production and Marketing Grower Meeting
Santa Maria

Costos de Produccion y Tendencias del Mercado de la Fresa

November 8, 2012- Organic/Sustainable Production on the Coast Meeting Salinas, CA

Gaskell- Use of Cover Crops in Organic Production

January 24, 2011- Caneberry Grower Meeting, Watsonville, CA

Blackberry Management Options for Targeting Selected Markets

December 9, 2010- Annual Strawberry Meeting, Santa Maria, CA

Nitrogen Management for Organic Strawberries-Mark Gaskell

August 20, 2010- National Blueberry Symposium, Argentine National Agricultural Technology Institute, Tucuman, Argentina

Producción Orgánica del Arándano en California

August 19, 2010- National Blueberry Symposium- Tucuman, Argentina

Produccion Organica de la Frutilla en California

Produccion Organica de Arandano en California

March 24, 2010- Internet Webinar Live Broadcast USDA Ag in "Uncertain Times"

Estrategias, Herramientas, y Recursos para la eleccion y la Diversificacion de cultivos

March 12, 2010- Santa Maria Hispanic Growers Association organized by UCSB Chicano Studies Department

Market Information Sources Food Safety Programs as part of the Farm Enterprise (Spanish)

March 4, 2010- Coast Ag Liaison- Water Quality and Nutrient Management

Update on Nitrogen Management Field Studies with Strawberries and Coastal Leafy Vegetables

March 4, 2010- Strawberry Grower Meeting, Santa Maria CA

Update on Nitrogen Management Field studies with Strawberries and Leafy Vegetables

March 2, 2010- California Farm Conference

Basics of Caneberry Production- A Western (California) Perspective

February 25, 2010- Annual Meeting-National Raspberry and Blackberry Growers Association

Basics of Caneberry Production- A Western (California) Perspective

January 26, 2010- Caneberry Grower Meeting, Watsonville, CA

In Season Nitrogen Fertilization for Caneberries

December 2, 2009- California Association of Pest Control- Advisor's Meeting, Nipomo, CA

Central Coast CAPCA Meeting Agenda

January 15, 2009

Gaskell- In-Season Fertilization in Organic Systems

March 3-7, 2008- VI International Strawberry Symposium, Huelva, Spain

Gaskell et al.- Organic Strawberry N

November 6, 2008- "Santa Maria Nitrate and Nutrient Interconnections, A Water Quality Symposium", presented at Good Neighbor Bakery, Santa Maria, CA

Santa Maria Nitrate and Nutrient Interconnections Presentations

November 5, 2008- Canberry Growers Meeting at Faulkner Farm Center, Ventura, CA

Gaskell- Extending Blackberry Production into New Market Windows

May 19 to May 22, 2008- A Week of Blueberries:Info on California Blueberry Production Practices and How the Florida Experience Can Apply Here,Santa Paula, Camarillo, Parlier, Nipomo

Williamson- Overview of Florida's Commercial Blueberry Industry

Faber- Acidifying Blueberry Soil

Gaskell-Evolution of R&D in Support of the California Coastal Blueberry Industry

April 16, 2008- "Organic Strawberry Production Grower Meeting" organized by Mark Gaskell, Small Farms & Specialty Crops Advisor, presented at Far Western Tavern, Guadalupe, CA

Strawberry Production Grower Meeting Presentations

February 24, 2008- California Farm Conference Workshop, Kearney Ag Center

Protected Cropping Production Systems for Season Extension

November, 2007- Annual Meeting of the Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association, Kennewick, WA.

Blackberry Management for Alternative Markets

Raspberry and Blackberry Production and Marketing

Produccion y Mercadeo de Frambuesa y Mora

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