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Water-Wise Wonderland

Although California's exceptional drought is officially over, exceptional water-waving measures are still a way of life for long-time Santa Barbara resident and UC Master Gardener Nancy Tobin.  But it's impossible to tell from looking at the lush plantings encircling their house that she and husband Rich are dedicated minimalists when it comes to irrigation.  Instead of a parched and barren vista, the Tobin landscape is bursting with color, variety and exuberant life.

Read the entire article here:News-Press-6-17-2017 Tobin

Garden Gone Wild!

"What do a friendly pooch named Kali, a fat kitty named Zena, a 26-year-old turtle named Leo, seven parakeets, five chickens, a family of tree squirrels, a pair of chipmunks, a tubful of goldfish and countless bees, butterflies, ladybugs and hummingbirds have in common?  They all belong to the happy menagerie lovingly tended to by Santa Barbara resident and UC Master Gardener Julie Constantinides."

Published on May 13, 2017, in the Santa Barbara News-Press as the first installment of a new monthly feature written by Linda Sullivan Baity entitled "Master Gardens of Santa Barbara." 

Read the entire article: News-Press 5-13-2017 Constantinides

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