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Fire Information


Fire Information

Resources for Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. 

Developing a Wildfire Plan for Livestock

Ranch planning for wildfire.

2016 Rangeland Summit

Videos from a day-long Rangeland summit that specifically addressed wildfire on rangelands in California and impacts to cattle operations.


Fire Information

During Fire Season...



Information on science-based solutions to wildfire related challenges, and links to the latest news and information on wildfires go to: http://firecenter.berkeley.edu/


For further fire information with links to your local fire department go to:

UC Cooperative Extension's Homeonwner's Wildfire Mitigation Guide- http://groups.ucanr.org?HWMG/

A collaborative project between UC Cooperative Extension and the County of San Diego-

UC Berkeley Center for Fire Research and Outreach- http://firecenter.berkeley.edu/

To download Home Landscaping for Fire- a free ANR publication- http://anrcatalog.ucdavis.edu/InOrder/Shop/Itemdetails.asp?ItemNo=8228

For information on fire recovery in oak woodlands-

UC Berkeley's Builder's Wildfire Mitigation Guide-