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This newsletter provides growers, ranchers, and agri-business persons with research findings and information of current interest.

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January 2016   1/8/16 Download
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July 2013

In this issue:  Whiteflies Impact Strawberries as a Pest and a Disease Vector; Recent Fresh Market Berry Variety Development.

7/9/13 Download
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Strawberry Field Day May 3, 2013

University of California farm advisors, professors, and representatives from the Santa Barbara Agricultural Commissioner’s Office will discuss fumigant label changes, moisture and salinity distribution under drip irrigation, current research with new technologies for improving strawberry plant health and yield, and updates on anaerobic soil disinfestation.  DPR and CCA CE credits have been requested.  The meeting is free, and lunch will be provided.

Click on the link for details and to register.  (Attached information also provided in Spanish).

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February 2013

In this issue: Strawberry IPM Program, Tolerance of strawberry varieties to herbicides, Bagrada bug food preferences and more...

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September 2012

Exotic Bagrada bug in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties,   Help with Irrigation Scheduling, Lettuce Drop, and more...

9/28/12 Download
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June 2012   6/27/12 Download
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February 2012

Fusarium wilt, salinity in strawberries, recent brown marmorated stink bug sightings and more...

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September 2011

Strawberry Fertility Research Update, Japanese Dodder, and more...

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June 2011   6/14/11 Download
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Blackberry Grower Production Meeting Tuesday October 26, 2010 8:30am-11:00am Chavez Ranch 1000 South Thompson Rd, Nipomo Please note that this is South Thompson Road 10/13/10 Download
September 2010 Less Water for Strawberry Plants, Important Water and Acidification Changes, and more... 10/1/10 Download
June 2010 Newsletter - Ecology and Behavior of Western Tarnished Plant Bug - Development of an Area-wide Lygus Bug Monitoring Program for the Central Coast and Santa Maria Valley - Groundwater Information Resources - California Organic Program Questioned in Audit of National Organic Program and is Implementing Changes in Program Management 6/4/10 Download
May 11th Strawberry Irrigation Field Day Correction - Date was posted as May 10th, the Strawberry Irrigation Field Day is Tuesday May 11th. 4/6/10 Download
March 2010 Issue - A New Vinegar Fly Pest in California - Site-specific Fertilization - Surendra Dara-Vegetable/Strawberry Advisor starts Twitter Feeds! 3/3/10 Download
May 2009 Issue Flaming for Weed Control on Small Farms and Orchards New Strawberry and Vegetable Advisor Lygus bug and Mites on Strawberries Differential Piece Rate Design Free Oak Trees 2009 5/15/09 Download
December 2007 issue Cyst Nematode - A Continuing Problem Overview of the US Fresh Blueberry Industry Receiving Plants from the Nursery Mineral Nutrition of Strawberry Management of Diamondback Moth Larvae in Broccoli Services Offered by the Cachuma RCD Oak Toxicity 9/30/08 Download
July 2007 issue Light Brown Apple Moth detected in California A Review of Clubroot in Crucifers Update on Lychee & Longan Field Trials . . . Whole Foods Market Local Producer Loan Program Anaplasmosis Management Announcements 7/8/08 Download
December 2006 Effects of Varying Planting Density on Blueberry Yield & Fruit Size Bovine Trichomonosis: Essential Facts & Testing Extensive E. coli O157:H7 Study in the Salinas Valley New Publications "Mark Your Calendar" Free Trees Mark Gaskell Named to CA Organic Products Advisory Committee 12/11/07 Download
July 2006 Post Harvest Evaluations of Off-Season California Blueberries Federal Crop Insurance Programs for Blueberries & Blackberries Vegetable/Strawberry Crops Advisor Position Announcement Cattle with Chocolate Blood New Publications from UC/Oak Symposium Announcement 4/2/09 Download
February 2006 Pesticide Alert! Cabrio and Pristine Residue Tolerance Update Strategies for Off-Season Blueberry Production on Coastal California Small Farms Antibiotic Choices for Beef Cattle Cattle Identification and The National Animal Identification System 2/26/09 Download
November 2005 Manganese Availability Affects Fusarium Crown & Root Rot in Asparagus Downy Mildew of Lettuce - 2005 Trial Results Soil and Tissue Nitrogen and Fall Cabbage Yield Associated with Varying Rates of Nitrogen Applied as Different Organic Fertilizer Sources Questions & Answers about Cattle and the National Animal Identification System Farmers & Ranchers Can Now Apply for 2006 Conservation Funding 2/8/11 Download
June 2005 Weeds, Insects & Diseases Results of the Strawberry Tasting Bacterial Leaf Spot of Spinach Current Research & Information of Interest Central Coast Agriculture Highlights - A National Winner! Soil & Tissue Nitrogen and Fall Cabbage Yield . . . Fly Control for Beef Cattle Announcements 2/8/11 Download
April 2005 Fungicide efficacy California labor law - required posters Managing fertilizer reactions in fertigation Symphylans alert Reproductive herd health Current research & information of interest Sign-up underway for livestock assistance program Initial meeting of the blueberry association Announcements 2/8/11 Download
February 2005 Winterfresh berry market could see changes with growing volume of fruit Short course on sensory evaluation of olive oil Putting the farm bill to work for California specialty crop growers Neonicotinoid insecticides and their potential use in cool season vegetable crops The use of Brassica spp. as cover or green manure crop in crucifer production Livestock cloning Current research & information of interest West Nile Virus update 12/18/07 Download
December 2004 Noxious weeds and exotic pests Downy mildew control trial in Romaine First California-grown longans move into the market stream from experimental and commercial plantings Organic vegetable production short course Proceedings from organic farming symposium available online A new antibiotic for beef cattle Selling meat and meat products Current research & information of interest 6/12/08 Download
October 2004 Warren Bendixen retires Results of the 2004 Santa Barbara County Fair Beef Carcass Evaluation West Nile Virus update Drip irrigation mnagement guidelines for blueberries, raspberries & blackberries 2/8/11 Download
August 2004 California coastal rural development corporation offers small business and farm loans Managing disease resistance Stock pond fee summary Rhizoctonia in spinach Current research & information of interest Central coast home grown meat alliance Cyst nematodes 12/14/07 Download
June 2004 Viruses in peppers Regulation of agricultural biotechnology crops and foods in the US Current research reports Common recurring management problems with new blueberry plantings BSE prevention: Myths & critical points Pythium root rot in seedlings 2/13/09 Download
April 2004 National plant diagnostic network Current research reports: A new column in CCAH The NRCS still makes house calls Residues and grazing influences West Nile Virus update Top new specialty fruits & vegetables 5/26/09 Download
February 2004 Bovine spongiform encephalopathy Tribute to a farm advisor Vegetable production meeting information Strawberry production trends in 2004 Downy mildew of lettuce 10/27/08 Download
December 2003 Information for our clientele Evaluation of products to manage sclerotinia leaf drop of lettuce in 2003 Management options for powdery mildew on delphinium Market-driven fruit and vegetable production, niche markets, and the "pull" of the marketplace Sulfur in plants Medicating cattle: Back to the future Bovine trichomonosis update Wildfire-how can you protect your property? 2/8/11 Download
October 2003 Measurements Printing & mailing costs - part II Magnesium in plants Managing young cows' reproductive performance Results of the 2003 beef carcass evaluation Leaf rust in blueberries 5/20/08 Download
August 2003 Printing & mailing costs-we need your help Consumer-driven agriculture: Changing U.S. Demographics influence eating habits Invasive species in California Bovine spongiform encephalopathy: What's the latest? Calcium in plants 12/10/07 Download
June 2003 Worker protection - a quick review Viruses in lettuce Molybdenum - a micronutrient Bovine tuberculosis in California Tuberculosis - a disease of humans & other animals QAP recertification program Production periods for selected southern highbush blueberry cultivars Cleaning up pesticide spills 12/18/08 Download
April 2003 Proper use of drip tape and fertigation will maximize celery yields Estimating soil moisture level by the feel method Farm and food security fact sheet Chlorine - a micronutrient Farm security - pay attention! 2/8/11 Download
February 2003 Lettuce downy mildew control New education and incentive rebate program Blueberry winter meeting Strawberry production trends for 2003 Agricultural peak load reduction program Season extension meeting & field day New drug for pneumonia Bovine tuberculosis in California-Jan 2003 update 12/10/08 Download
December 2002 New website address Copper - a plant micronutrient Vine mealybug Guidelines for planting blueberries on mineral soils in California Bovine tuberculosis update Some interesting facts about California agriculture 2/8/11 Download
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